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Celebrity Squares ... Your photos


We would love to see your pics of doggy life on the road and the places you visit. Just send us an email with your pics to and we will post them on our celebrity Squares gallery.


By emailing us your photo’s you are granting us permission to use your dog’s image on our gallery / product pages to show how our Harnesses / bandana's look on different dogs. We may also use them on social media.


Competition winner "Buddy" posing with his new Camouflage Harness


Our competition winner is the lovely "Buddy" chilling on the couch with his new Camouflage harness.


Competition winner "Buddy" showing off his new harness, lead and poop bag holder, what a cutie


Rigby looking cool in leopard print


Poppy looking so sweet..


Poppy looking great in her new Bandana :)


Poppy with new Teddy bear bandana

Shiver me timbers its Blue

Pirate Blue with his skull and crossbones bandana


Top dog Rocky showing off our new camouflage harness


Top dog Rocky with camouflage Harness

Blue at home

"Blue" wishing he was in his camper van

Blue at home  (3)

Blue with his camper van

Blue at home  (4)

Well behaved for the photo shoot


Eevee wants to know what's at the other end of the lead?


Oh I see... a pretty poop bag holder


There's not actual poop in that lovely bag is there?

Blue at home  (2)

"Blue" showing off his harness

At the woods

Lulu at the woods .. fashion icon



Blue is a star

Blue is a star


Orbit trying on Rocky's camper van harness

Lulu and Pheobe

Our girls looking fabulous at the local park. Photo by Jenny M

Pretty In pink :

Phoebe in Pink Polka-dot harness


Lulu totally relaxed at home...another cushion please


Rocko is not happy wearing Honey bees. He is waiting for his cartoon harness. (coming soon}

Lulu on a hill

The best view up here.. is me

Phoebe waiting for treats

Phoebe in Santa harness

Lulu posing in the park

Lulu in camper van harness

Phoebe and Blue

Phoebe and Blue

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