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What a fun vibrant design that just makes you smile, why not bring a little sunshine back to your walk with this genuinley happy looking harness.


The perfect partner to be worn with your dogs Zebra print harness.

Step out as a pair and turn a few heads yourself as people notice "the style twins".



Face Mask - Zebra print on yellow

  • The masks are made with 2 layers of cotton and feel soft and breathable even when worn for a long time.

    The elastic is soft and forgiving around the ears and you hardly notice you are wearing it.

    Totally washable and quick to dry ready for the next day.

    Please remember, that although the masks are fine for everyday use to go shopping etc.. The masks are not medical PPE and should not be worn in high density situations by anyone in a medical facing position.

  • Please be aware that all face masks are non-returnable due to hygiene reasons.

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